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Job Hunting for Older Workers

Updated on December 7, 2015
Interviewing for the Job
Interviewing for the Job

Gray Haired Job Seekers

Some of the common reasons older job seekers hear as to why they can't be hired for a job are that they have the wrong or outdated skills, are overqualified, or have been out of work too long. They are just not the right fit (interpretation: not young enough), and that seems even truer if the interviewer is 30 or 40 years younger. Finding a job over age 50 is a challenge, but here are some options.

Who's Hiring?


Where to Find a Job

Temp agencies, staffing firms, and recruiters are always a good place to start. Even if you want full time but begin working temporarily somewhere, you will be able to show your capabilities, and that can lead to a permanent position.

On you can network with other professionals without ever leaving your house. Tory Johnson who appears on Good Morning America lists job opportunities daily on and also posts jobs on her website:


Where to Look for a Job

Places that hire in the spring are Home Depot and Lowes . You may have the right skills if you have maintained a lawn, painted or wallpapered a room, or built or installed anything. CVS Pharmacy also hires older workers. Older caregivers are often preferred over younger workers. You could check at nanny services, nursing homes, hospices, or child care centers (working with infants). And, the health care industry seems to always be hiring: hospitals, pharmacies, medical groups, and insurance providers . Try


Job Hunting with No Computer Skills

 Finding a job over age 50 can be hard if you don't have the computer skills of the younger generations.  Many people get so attached to their computers that they sometimes forget to check their local newspapers . In fact, when I was job hunting, I got more interviews from newspaper advertised jobs than from online applications. It is a lot easier to click a button than it is to pick up the telephone, so a phone call will set you apart.


Work from Home

If you have computer skills, there are options that will allow you to stay home and work.  Try to become a professional blogger, or, or If you'd like to get out a little, try Being a "secret shopper" is actually a lot easier if you don't have children to drag along.


Be Creative

Are you organized? There are people who are not! Start your own business. Many people who move just can't deal with the overwhelming task of packing or unpacking boxes and organizing their home. You could also become a closet organizer on your own or through a closet organizing company. It is easy to get a DBA (Doing Business As) and costs nothing. Are you a good cook? Start a small catering business. That's how Martha Stewart got her start. How about pet care? Dog walking is a good form of exercise, and there are many, many pet owners out there. My son was paying $75 a week for his tiny dog to be walked.


Job Experience

 Where does your experience lie? Could you do consulting or become a recruiter in your field? Have you ever had a job interview by an interviewer who had no concept of what the job actually entailed? Market yourself to companies in your field and explain why you would be a good choice for them to hire you as an interviewer.

Finding a job over age 50 can be a challenge, but there are options.  I hope that this information is helpful to you in your job search. Good luck!

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    • Marble Sweets profile image

      Marble Sweets 5 years ago

      Thanks Beverly for a very useful Hub. I have marked it and will read it again, because there are some links in there that are new. I don't think that it is impossible to get a job if you are over 50, or even over 60, but one has to know "where the fit is", and where not to waste your time.

      Obviously, if it is a workplace where you are competing with lots of young people, and it is physically demanding..could be a recipe for disaster.

    • profile image

      Sophia Angelique 7 years ago

      @ Love the pictures matching the blurb! :)