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Writing Product Reviews

Updated on November 28, 2016

1. You can make a product review that focuses on the features of a certain product, or you can compare the product to other similar products.

I'm not saying that you should mention the competition; you can simply state this as: "compared to other -insert type of product- available on the market, this -insert type of product- is the largest, according to previous consumers/buyers." I think it's better if you base your claim on something past consumers have said, hence the importance of the next tip.

2. Look for consumer reviews.

Here you can get the perceived advantages and disadvantages of the product without going out and buying it for yourself. Really, if we had to buy the product we're reviewing, then we'd have to be filthy rich.

If you can't seem to find consumer reviews about the product on the website given (assuming that the AD has asked you to refer to a specific website such as Walmart or Amazon or eBay), search it up! keywords such as 'consumer reviews' + 'product name' can garner some results.

3. Ask yourself four basic questions:

a. Who are my readers probably going to be? How will this product solve any problems they have (if any)?
I think this is especially handy, because you can label the readers as "parents", "teenagers", etc.

b. What does the product promise to give its consumers?

c. How does the product work? Any special features that add to its functionality?

4. Write the features, advantages, and disadvantages of using the product on the Word document. This helps you arrange your thoughts and form sentences and paragraphs out of the jumble of information.

I'm not sure if this technique will work, but it helps me in organizing my thoughts and thinking of creative ways to write the information.

5. Be balanced.

Whenever you see a product review that makes the product appear perfect, you're bound to think that the manufacturer is trying TOO hard to sell the product. This may even lead you to believe that something's up. So, to avoid your future readers to think the same, put in some of the product's drawbacks. For example: "Although this play kitchen is durable, parents who bought this product have found it difficult to assemble without the help of an electric screwdriver or drill."

6. Imagine yourself telling a friend or family member about the product.

Yup, this would help you from sounding too formal and help you adopt a more conversational tone. Then again, this depends on the AD.


Okay, that's all I can think of right now. If you have any tips or tricks to add, feel free to add them below!


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    • grand old lady profile image

      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 

      21 months ago from Philippines

      These are great tips for product reviews. Thanks for such sound advice. I think, however, whoever hires someone to write reviews should also provide a free sample of the product to the writer. It is only fair and the best way to honestly assess the product in a practical way. It would be better for the product seller in the long term as well, to know the good and the bad and what needs improvement in his product.


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