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How do I link my Hubs to Google's Ad Sense to ensure I earn money on the ads I ask again.

On the pulblishing of my first hub, I need time to study Google Ad Sense as to avoid any mistake, So, when my second hub was published, I try to fill the form. I click on the create account , seconds later the form disappeared. I tried to re -access it but to no avail- but Google is saying that I should give the last five fingers of my phone number used to create the account, Perhaps, it is either Google or Hub Pages that remind me that I should have receive an e-mail to that effect and none has been delivered to me so far. I further made effort to create Ad Sense account; expecting answer.


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orlandosharessat says

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5 years ago
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    brittney licano (blican468) 4 years ago

    How long will it take for them to approve us. Is there any other way to let the m know we are still waiting to connect our portals?