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Why are we now unable to choose keywords for our hubs?

I've noticed that SEO tool research programs like and others appear to pull keywords and keyphrases out of thin air. Meaning, these keywords and keyphrases are NOT the personally-researched keyphrases I use throughout my hub or website. I put in hours researching pertinent and low competetive keyphrases, but these SEO ranking sites ALL use seemingly "made-up" phrases that mostly make no affiliation with the main headline and subject content.


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Patti Markow (yupperclub) says

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4 years ago
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    James Ranka (copywriter31) 4 years ago

    I absolutely use my chosen keywords and keyphrases throughout the entire article body, trying not to 'stuff'. I've never heard of Google's "Quake" but I will check it out. My question is how do these SEO rating sites come up with NONSENSE keywords?