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My hubs are showing Google ads yet I have not set up an adsense account?

Actually, I had previously applied for Google adsense before but was later denied (twice). So, I decided to not concern myself with Google application (well at least for now) and decided to work on with quality hubs initially. However, earlier this day, after editing one of my hubs I have seen google ads showing on it. I had never noticed this before and I am not expecting this because as said my application was denied. So, I am wondering if this incidence is naturally occurring and if this hints a higher possibility that perhaps google is considering my application (again?).

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Best Answer Kathryn (Kathryn Stratford) says

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4 years ago
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    Lanao G (light20) 4 years ago

    Thank you Kath for clearing it out. Funny, just when I thought of re-applying adsense. Well, I guess I should concentrate on writing quality hubs first.