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What are some guidelines for cold calling to sell an item you've produced?

We taking a summer trip to friends and family in the Midwest and are trying to incorporate selling my children's book and deck of cards related to learning the order of the Presidents to small retail shops along the way.Our deck of cards was sold at one time at Games by James at the Mall of America, so I did it once, BUT I just am not the salesperson. I don't know how to approach little shops. I know that 50% retail discount is the norm and that there are certain days owners are there, but I could use some help! This is going to be a serendipitous adventure and not planned per se. Am I crazy?


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Mitch Alan says

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3 years ago
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    Billie Kelpin 3 years ago

    Mitch, thanks so much! I'm in process of transferring all content of our old site to our new, so there's a lot missing. But u can look at - Cards also on amazon. We can make games for museums too.