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Benefits of Universities Jobs

Updated on August 23, 2013

University jobs

Jobs at universities are not just teaching and research. Universities offer a whole range of jobs for any educational background: administrative staffs, financial experts, attorneys to protect university interests, IT professionals to support university computer system, gardener, maintenance engineers, international student's affairs specialists, public relations staffs, etc. Additionally, universities offer both part-time and full-time jobs.

Benefits of working in universities

If you work at a university you can enjoy a full range of unique benefits. This includes medical coverage for you and your dependents, pensions, maternity leave, child care and generous annual paid leave. Some universities also offer housing-related benefits to prospective employees. Additionally, many universities in U.S. have on-campus recreational facilities such as cinema halls, gym, sports center and libraries.

Opportunities to transfer your jobs between departments

Imagine that you are working as a secretary or as a molecular biologist in one of the departments. For some reasons, you may not like your boss or vice versa. You can ask for transfer to work in neighboring departments. The skills and experience needed to work as a secretary for one department will be almost same for any other departments.

Work environment in universities

Most of the jobs in universities are in regular hours (8-5 a.m.). Some jobs such as animal care technician and researcher jobs have to work late hours and in weekends. Other jobs – chemists, biochemist and molecular biologist – may be exposed to chemical, viral, radioactive hazards. Besides, universities promote equality and diversity in terms of age, race, gender, culture and religion.

Career growth

Universities in U.S. offer excellent career growths for employees of all ranks. This includes providing advanced job training in their fields, training in personal development and fully or partially waiving the tuition fees for both employees and their dependents.

How to find university jobs

University offers a wide range of job opportunities in all specialties. You can search for openings in universities in more than one way. Here I am giving three easy but effective ways of finding jobs in universities.

(a). Finding jobs through the university job notice boards

If you are looking for a job at a particular university or location than start seeking at a university job notice board. You can go to the main university web page and type the key word ‘jobs’ in the search area. You will be directed to all current openings of university. You can also narrow down your search by giving specific key words. It is obligatory on university part that they have to advertise all positions for a certain number of days. This way, you can find university jobs of your interest.

(b). Finding university jobs through advertisement

Several universities in U.S. advertise the job openings in national and international magazines/journals. This is to attract the best candidates from all specialized fields. If you are looking for university position in any particular field, then look for job’s advertisement section of the specific journals/magazines. For example, if you are looking for a faculty position in Neuroscience field, then journal Nature Neuroscience will be the best source to find the current openings.

(c). Finding university jobs through social networking

Try to connect to people working in universities through friends, family members and alumni. Ask them for advice, information and leads of upcoming jobs in their department. You can also send direct emails to department head to inquire about the positions. If they don’t have any openings in their department, they may refer you to their colleague. Try to attend university programs that are opened to public. So that you will get a chance to meet people directly to express your desire. Believe me, this approach works much faster to find university jobs. Sometime back I presented one of my research works in a conference. After the talk, faculty members from different universities approached me to find out if there is someone from our university to be hired who has a kind of expertise that I presented. I referred to one of our laboratory's postdoc and got him hired.


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