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Buy Debt Leads

Updated on August 25, 2009

Buy Debt Leads

So why would a debt consolidation or credit counseling company want to buy debt leads? Very simple…it provides them with a targeted market to promote their services to, without having to resort to “cold call” or “hard sell” tactics, and especially not having to ever stoop low enough to use spammy techniques. The world of credit counseling and debt consolidation is a HUGE business, primarily because there’s hardly any household in America that doesn’t carry some level of debt. Most statistics concur that the average household in the U.S. carries about $30,000 worth of consumer debt. Six out of every ten households in the U.S. do not pay off their credit card balances every month; most of them are just barely keeping afloat by making only the minimum payments. The total consumer debt for all U.S. households is over 3 trillion (yes, with a “T”) dollars. Now ask yourself again: Is credit counseling and/or debt consolidation a field with potential? I think that question pretty much answers itself. Again, one of the most time-consuming and money-consuming activity that all companies are forced to do is advertise their business. Basically, no marketing equals no income, for all intents and purposes. So it is vital for companies that offer counseling or consolidation services for people who are way over their heads in debt to make every effort to focus their advertising dollars in the areas that will produce the maximum possible return for them. This would include companies that sell debt leads. What is a “debt lead”, in this sense? A “debt lead” is basically any person that is currently overwhelmed by consumer debt and has requested some type of information either online or by calling some type of “help line” in order to seek a solution to their debt problem. This person will normally submit their contact information and request a follow-up call or initial consultation with a credit counseling or debt consolidation company.

Image courtesy of Microsoft Office Clip Art
Image courtesy of Microsoft Office Clip Art

Buy Debt Leads: Pricing Specifics

Once the person requests the information and leaves their own information (which usually includes their name, address, phone number and so forth, and also the total amount of their secured and unsecured debt), the debt consolidating company or credit counseling company now has an official “debt lead”, or in other words, a prospect for their company that could “lead” to a potential increase in their business. People choose these types of companies due to their negotiating abilities and beneficial financial counsel. Most credit counseling companies will work on a person’s behalf to lower the interest rates on their revolving charge card accounts, possibly negotiate a settlement or a payoff with the creditor that’s significantly smaller than the current outstanding balance, and keep the debtor from being harassed with incessant phone calls from creditors. In other words, their service is valuable, if it is targeted to the right audience. Yes, there are plenty of scam artists and fraudsters that have crept their way into this field, as it is with practically any other field where money can be made, but the legitimate companies can truly provide a beneficial service for people who desperately need it. So if I was the advertising or marketing manager of a debt consolidation or credit counseling company, I would without a doubt buy debt leads to cut down on wasting time chasing unqualified prospects. The companies that sell these types of leads use search engine marketing, television advertising, and other tools to find people who are in a tight situation and are looking for a solution to their debt problem. Once they collect the data, they bundle the leads together into a list or a database, and sell them in quantity units, such as 25, 50, or 100 leads. The average cost of a single debt lead is between $25.00 to $30.00, so if you were to buy 100 debt leads, for example, it would cost you anywhere between $2,500 to $3,000 (on average; exact prices may vary). For a debt consolidation company, or a company that offers counseling for people who are heavily in debt, the option to buy debt leads can yield significant results, given the long-term value of even one prospect.


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      Education Leads 7 years ago

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      educationleads 7 years ago

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      Johnny Connors 8 years ago

      Another great website for buying leads:

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      Connor B 8 years ago

      Our company also sells debt leads!

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      matt 8 years ago

      My company sells debt leads to Canadian debt consolidators, counselors and other debt advisors.