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How to Find a Niche for your Affiliate Marketing?

Updated on August 21, 2014

How to find a niche for your affiliate marketing business | Basics of Affiliate Marketing

Finding a niche is the first step on the road to succeed with affiliate marketing. Find the niche and you are half done. Really. If you find your niche the rest is a routine work, like finding the keywords, building a campaign, writing the content, and back-linking to your niche site. It's all founded on finding the niche.

There are several strategies to find hot niches, but I will focus on the few ones that I use when I am in the process of finding a new niche. You can read more about market research on my blog:

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Do you have a Marketing degree?

If you haven't had education in marketing the odds are you don't know what you're doing. Seriously, most of the info about marketing you get from the web is inacurate or biased. It is a worhty investment that you buy education material from trusted sources (not another marketer who makes money by selling you info on how to make money).

Niche Finding - Step #1

Watch TV

This is the easiest and laziest way to find hot niche markets. Some times, and if you are lucky, you witness the birth of a new niche and you can jump ahead of your affiliate competition ... way ahead.

Midnight infomercials are indicator of two things:

1. The presence of the market. Someone did the market research, found the niche, provided the product, and invested in the product itself and in the TV advertising. If there is no market it will all be a waste.

2. And the presence of products that you can sell to that market. Sometimes those very same products advertised in the infomercial have their own affiliate program.

Pick an idea or two and go to google insights website to check the search trend for these ideas. If the search volume is climbing it means you have a growing market.

Talk shows build trends.

Try to do this yourself. Watch the next Oprah's show and pick up the main issue, problem, or event, or whatever she is talking about. Mark your calendar for that date. Two days later go to google insights website and search that very same topic. You're very likely to find that the search volume for that particlular keyword increased significantly that day.

Niche Finding - Step #2

Spying on the competition

Competition is a healthy sign in affiliate marketing. It means that there is a buying power in that particular market. A niche with little or no competition is not a promising one. I think short term here. My goal is to make commission now, not after a decade of building a trend.

After you pick up a trend from the infomercials or talk shows you need to make sure there is money to make online in that niche. And here comes the spying part.

So ... how to spy on the competition?

Simple. Search Google for the broad term relevant to the market of interest. Say you want to find a niche related to hand watches. Go to Google and search for the keyword hand watch or hand watches. The SERP (search engine results page) will show two types of results: the organic results of the pages that ranked high enough to show on the first page, and sponsored links.

What we care about now is sponsored links. Do you see any? If yes, how many?

If you constantly see 7-10 sponsored links every time you repeat the search it means that there is a market. If you want to make sure of that market take a note of the display urls on those ads, and come back a week later to do the same. If you find some of them are still there it means they are making money.

Not all of the competition use PPC, and those who got it right use PPC just to find out the selling keywords then they start an organic marketing campaign in which they generate free traffic from the organic search results.

To spy on those I go to and search for those keywords. If the articles written about those keywords in the past 60 days have hundreds or even thousands of visitors it means there is a demand on those keywords.

At the end of the article there is always a link to the authors website or blog. This is where to find products to sell.

Niche Finding - Step #3:

Narrow it down

After you make sure there is money to make in that particular trend that you picked up from the TV, it's time to grab your niche.

When you type your broad keyword in Google search box, a list of longer keyword suggested by Google will drop down. I take those a potential niches.

Also, if you click on the link above the search results that says "show options" you'll get a list of options. Pick wonder wheel and it will show a graph of keywords related to this niche in a diagram showing their relation to the main keyword. If you click any of those you'll a bigger diagram showing more suggestions. Those are all potential niches.

Please Share Your Experience - After you try this simple strategy please come back and let us know how did it go.

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