The quest for employment in the digital age

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    mike102771posted 4 years ago
    The following is based on experience and personnel observations. The author of this hub has no direct knowledge of or access to the inner-workings job sites or services.

    Today we do everything on the internet. This includes looking for employment. The search for a new job online has its twists. One major obstacle is that the internet is setup to collect information and sell it. Has anyone applied for a service and then found themselves inundated with calls for furthering their education? It seems that such career services including ones promoted my news services are designed to collect, bundle and sell name and numbers without any thought to actually helping a person look for work.  most newspapers have little to no job listings (here in North East Ohio we had a free local paper that was nothing but job listings, but it was canceled in favor of a website) that is if your city has a newspaper.

    Has anyone else run into this?