For and against DMS providers. Are they useless?

  1. rachel rose10 profile image61
    rachel rose10posted 3 years ago

    The first question is, of course, have you ever used DMS providers? For those, who aren't acquainted with the term, DMS is a Dealership Management System. These guys usually help dealerships with their websites: create pages, banners, manage inventory, post their ads, consult on various topics etc It pretty much depends on the provider.

    If you have used it, then how did you choose DMS provider? What defines the best DMS provider for you?

    If you haven't, why? What stops you from working with such companies?

  2. Jjhn B profile image61
    Jjhn Bposted 3 years ago

    I started cooperating with DMS provider not so long ago.  The reason I thought about hiring them is lack of time. My DMS company makes my life much easier. They provide me with the tools and I forget about hard technical installation, managing, editing etc. Now everything is made at once. And, what is one of the main advantages for me, everything is customized, I can create pages, ads, banners etc in a way I want with no IT degree. When I was looking for such a company I asked myself the following questions:
    What is competitive advantage of my website with and without DMS provider?
    Is this partnership able to increase my revenue?
    How does this DMS provider differentiate from other consulting firms?
    These are the main questions for me. I needed someone with recognized name, who helps me to differ from other dealerships, save my time and therefore my money.

  3. rachel rose10 profile image61
    rachel rose10posted 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jjhn B