Online Ecommerce Payment Questions

  1. mugshot lm profile image59
    mugshot lmposted 3 years ago

    Hi, if you take online payments from a site, I would be so grateful if you could help me with some research.


    1) Do you take payments online?
    2) Who is your payment provider?
    3) Why have you chosen this payment provider?
    4) Would you/have you ever referred a friend or someone online to your payment provider?
    5) Do you expect online payment providers to be an online application process?
    6) How long is acceptable to get your payment service set up? (0-7 days / 7-14 days / 14 days plus)
    7) What would entice you to move providers?
    8) What platform is your site hosted on?
    9) Did this have any bearing on your choice of payment provider and why?
    10) Did you use a web developer or build the site yourself?

  2. Dale Hyde profile image83
    Dale Hydeposted 3 years ago

    Not able to spend the time to answer all your questions, but yes I do take payments online and I use PayPal on all my sites on my shopping carts.

    It is the easiest to incorporate and works well without going into the "nightmare" of using a gateway provider.

    1. mugshot lm profile image59
      mugshot lmposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Dale,

      Thanks for your reply. I imagine that Paypal will be most peoples preference even though its a higher cost for higher transaction volumes than a payment gateway. It will be interesting to see if others think differently...I have always used Paypal, but some tell me I am missing sales by not having an alternative.