Employment Opportunities

  1. realtalk247 profile image67
    realtalk247posted 3 years ago

    Things I don't understand. 

    How you can be valuable and have multiple job opportunities in one state, then relocate to another, and have nothing in terms of career opportunities?  One can ask oneself the following questions:
    1. Is my resume correct and showcases my skills and qualifications?
    2. Do I have the required educational background/certificate for the pay I desire?
    3. Do I possess the skills to perform the job duties in such a way that I am an asset to my employer?

    When one continues to try, change, improve, pay for resume writing services and still nothing.....it makes no sense.  When all your opportunities have been earned through your ability to sell yourself and your experiences with NO networking needed.  So the question?  Do you have what it takes-yes!  It can be frustrating to encounter incompetent people employed or earning salaries that they should not earn because one was never told that they may have moved to a place that is more interested in inclusive/exclusive than hiring the best person to do the job. 
    There are certain states like NY, CA, Chicago that are too big to think small but that is not everywhere.
    So Sad.