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How to insert html into a page for an advertisement

  1. vanteezy profile image34
    vanteezyposted 9 years ago

    How to insert html into a page for an advertisement

  2. ssaffery profile image83
    ssafferyposted 9 years ago

    Insert the code between the head or body section of the html document.   

    If you use Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, you can hyperlink text or pictures which makes advertisement banners and site navigation a whole lot easier. 

    I hope this helps you.  Have a good day!

  3. profile image0
    shreekrishnaposted 9 years ago

    you can get html of any web page ,
    if it is present on net ,
    then go to webpage right click on that , click on view source ,
    put your html code by finding the perfect place , where you want to insert it , then save it.
    if the file save on your pc ,
    you can upload it to your web server by ftp.
    or any ftp client such as filezilla ,

    if you were running webserver at your home ,
    the same works for that ,
    open the webpage in your browser & repeat the same.

    you just want to know a little knowledge of html ,
    it is good to use any software ,
    but learning makes you improve to your future tasks better .

    such if you want to put a advertisement in the centre of any width from top & sides ,
    just html will something look

    --- html code takes efect , code text can't be shown ---

    you can go to any w3schools to learn some codes.

  4. kaydas profile image60
    kaydasposted 8 years ago

    It's not very complicate, if you have the HTML code of your ad, go to the cPanel of your host, enter in the file manager, then in "Public HTML", click the page you want to edit, and you will have in some place more options, like: "rename file", delete file", etc, and there should be and an "HTML editor" option, just click on it and you will see an WYSIWYG editor with your page on the screen, and down in the left corner you have, usually, three options: "Design", "Source" and "Preview". Click on "Source" and you get in the HTML source code of your page, there copy and paste your HTML code of the ad wherever you like, then click "Design", in the top left corner you have a mark for "Save", save it and it's done.
    You may copy and paste ads from hundred companies, as long as you are allowed to do it by the owners of that companies, and if the site belongs to you. Good luck.