Question about how to change font size instead of using the html code

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    Saachiposted 9 years ago


    I was just about submit this brief message. As I preview the page, and click on the link that was in the content of the message, I was no longer retrieve back to this page. What a waste of time! Sorry ! I couldn't help it.

    Anyway, what I asked was that I normally use the source code when I create a web page, and I actually haven't add anything to this page yet, since I just joined this site some hours ago, except that I added a brief introductory text about myself to the page:

    If you want to change the color of the text or the size of the text, would the html code work on hubpages..?  I added many photos to this page, but they just simply disappeared. ... just can't help expressing my frustration.... sorry.

    I also signed up for the squiddo site and have had the same problem, when it comes to changing the color or the size of the text, I did enter those code, the text did look different for a while, but as I click on the button PUBLISH, the changes that I made all disappeared. … kmarketing

    Does anyone have any comment or helpful tip on the above question.
    Thanks for your time. And, it is great to be a part of the community !!  This is going to be fun !!


    Saachi xx    wink   big_smile

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      relacheposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      In the FAQ section, this entry and the following ones should be helpful to you,

      You can't code in HTML on HubPages and have to use their built-in tools and features.

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    Lissieposted 9 years ago

    You cant use html in text capsules or elsewhere on hubpages (you can use bb code on the forum) - your only options for controlling font size is choosing a different style e.g. header1 I suspect the same with squidoo - but can't recall.Remember these sites are designed for people who are scared of html and allowing html opens up the site to  security problems

    You add photos via the photo capsule - either one per a capsule or a number - either works- but obviously displays differently