How to stop microsoft from continuously shoving an update in your face that you

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    georgeheotisposted 8 years ago

    How to stop microsoft from continuously shoving an update in your face that you don't want

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    gspaulding21posted 8 years ago

    If you're asking about the automated update balloon that pops up in the lower right portion of your monitor next to the time display every time you turn your computer on, I may have a solution for you.

    There should be a yellow shield showing, if this is the case then all you will need to do is click on it once. After doing this, a window will open up that says: Help protect your PC: turn on Automatic Updates. There should be 3 buttons in the lower bottom of that window that read :

    More Options; and
    Set Up Later.

    Click on the More Options button. After doing this, a separate window will pop up displaying the following 4 options:

    Option 1.) Automatic (recommended) with a green shield. This choice allows you to set up a specific time and date when you want the updates to be automatically downloaded and installed.

    Option 2.) Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them.

    Option 3.) Notify me, but don't automatically download and install them.

    and Option 4.) Turn off automatic updates. This will have a red shield next to it.

    In your case, click on the 4th option, Turn off automatic updates then click the Apply button. After doing this, you should be free of any Microsoft Automatic Updates showing up every time your power your PC on.

    I hope this was helpful!

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    kaleshwarposted 8 years ago

    Or start using linux? lol
    but the last answer answered your question.