How to negotiate

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  1. HubPages profile imageSTAFF
    HubPagesposted 9 years ago

    How to negotiate

  2. Jimmy Boyd profile image68
    Jimmy Boydposted 9 years ago

    Everyone needs to learn how to negotiate. We've all seen those rapid-fire price negotiations on TV or the movies. Bob demands $5000 for the car he is selling. Joe immediately says he will buy it for $3000. They then trade prices back and forth until... read more

  3. Ellen_C profile image72
    Ellen_Cposted 9 years ago

    I would write a hub on this but I did, check it out. It is about getting discounts in stores and for products and services. #1 tip is just don't be a pain in the but and have a reason for asking for a discount.
    Yes, you can get yourself a discount even at places at Best Buy if you know the right types of things to ask for and how. No, the sales person can't usually work down the price but you can negotiate services and extras.

  4. profile image55
    Making it happenposted 9 years ago

    Negotiating means saving money. If you area  good negotiator, then more money you will be able to put in your pocket. If I ahd the chance to show a clip form a movie of how to negotiate I would tell you to watch A Christmas Story. The scene where the family is looking for a Cristmas Tree and the sales person is trying to sell them some Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. The father mentions a store that is selling fake trees at a discount price. The sales person then says he will thorw in some rope and tie it to the car. The father agrees. Once the sales person knew of another store that might take away his profit, he had to add something to the deal to "sweeten it up". The sales person got the sale and the father got a real tree.

  5. peggypat profile image73
    peggypatposted 9 years ago

    As an agent working
    in Hollywood, I have had to negotiate some pretty tough deals. When I was just
    starting out, negotiation was something that terrified me. How would I be able
    to talk to someone who might be smarter, more important, more... read more

  6. soni2006 profile image82
    soni2006posted 9 years ago

    If you are overburdened with your longstanding
    credit card debt, fed up of receiving harassing phone calls by your credit card
    issuing bank, want to get rid of debt collectors who threaten you at your home
    and office on a regular basis, and don’t... read more

  7. scentualhealing profile image58
    scentualhealingposted 9 years ago

    I wrote a hub, "Negotiating for dummies" that I feel answers this perfectly and simply and does not give you that sick dead feeling that you ca not do it or it is too difficult.

    If anything I think my article empowers the reader and puts fire under them to get the feeling that they can do any thing.

  8. tradegb profile image60
    tradegbposted 8 years ago

    You start High, with a smile…
    You yield, with a grimace…
    You give away at your peril.

  9. profile image49
    aui34posted 7 years ago

    hi, there are plenty of free guides on the web.

    my personal favourite is the free one here:

    best of luck


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