I have an s-corp. I curently am working but can not collect a paycheck. can i

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    sandygunposted 8 years ago

    I have an s-corp.  I curently am working but can not collect a paycheck.  can i collect unemployment

    Business is in Illinois.  Trying to keep 30 employees working.  Can't collect paycheck.  Have been paying into unemployment for 20 years.  Have never collected.  Can I collet unemployment while I am working.  I can't quit because I do virtually everything now, payroll, accouting, ordering, phones

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    Ben Thinkinposted 8 years ago

    (at least in Minnesota), eligibility for an unemployment claim is based upon the fact that you have lost your job or not working  - through no fault of your own.  You are filing your claim with the state, which has been collecting unemployment from your earnings, to be paid what has accrued in your account for the time period covered by unemployment, typically for the last 18 months.  Unfortunately I don't think you would be eligible since technically you are still employed, even if you are paying yourself, but as the owner some statutes may affect you differently.  Check with the Illinois State Employment Dept for clarification re: your eligibility.   All the Best Good Luck I know it's tough!