Will Blockbuster Stay in Business?

  1. Nick17Pierce19 profile image35
    Nick17Pierce19posted 8 years ago

    Will Blockbuster Stay in Business?

    With the retail sector dieing and blockbuster having closed so many stores recently, can they catch up with other business models that have evolved to fit the needs of an increasingly digital world?

  2. Cayden Ryan profile image58
    Cayden Ryanposted 8 years ago

    nope, 3 in 5 miles of my house just closed

  3. WriterEcks profile image60
    WriterEcksposted 6 years ago

    I think it will in some form as long as they can evolve to fit the current movie rental market. They have the big advantage over Netflix of having actual locations and I happen to know that the one near me is still going strong maintains and decent customer base. They just need to hold out and promote their service while also making it competitive with Netflix and even perhaps offering something Netflix doesn't and that would the ability to pay your membership fees in cash at any of their physical locations.