Am I'm given a Referral and Advertise URL (Link) from Hubpage to promote? Thanks

  1. 37946 profile image58
    37946posted 8 years ago

    Am I'm given a Referral and Advertise URL (Link) from Hubpage to promote?

    This of-course would be the URL (Link) I would used for advertising Hubpage for those that want to joined. I click on all the above names but I didn't see it. Please HELP!!!

  2. women in business profile image55
    women in businessposted 8 years ago

    As per i know you won't receive any URL to promote from hubpages. On hubpages u can put affiliate links, which u get from other affiliate networks.

    On hubpages, if u have ticked for google adsense, amzon, ebay etc, those ads will appear.

    I am not an experienced hand in hubpages but as i know u will not get any url to promote from hubpages.

    If I am wrong please correct me.

  3. sathimanoj profile image60
    sathimanojposted 7 years ago

    It depends on the point that, You want to promote your Hubs or you want to promote HubPages as a whole?

    If you want to promote a particular hub you can send the URL of that hub ( you can find the URL from your "my account " statistics page). For example if I want to find URL of my hub on "Contextual Advertising with Infolinks Ads" I have to right click over the title and copy the link "". I can send this link to my contacts through email, twitter, facebook or place it on my blogs. If you want to refer your friends to Hub pages use Referral Trackers (URL Trackers) in your Account page. For example "" is my URL Tracker. If you promote this link all the persons joined hub page through this link can be tracked from your account. you can promote hubpages by using banners and buttons find in The code edited to attach your URL tracker instead of link to to HubPages can be placed in your web page or blog to promote HubPages