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What are 3% of the MLM industry doing To Earn Big money that 97% of the industry

  1. mrstevenlamb profile image58
    mrstevenlambposted 8 years ago

    What are 3% of the MLM industry doing To Earn Big money that 97% of the industry not doing?

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  2. dabeaner profile image56
    dabeanerposted 8 years ago

    Those are called the "heavy hitters".  They are energetic.  They are super salesmen (women).  They can sell hype and hope.

    Theoretically, there could be some MLMs that give the average person a chance to make decent money.  But MLMs structured that way would take away from the heavy hitters.  Since MLMs are founded by and cater to the heavy hitters, no MLMs are structured to give the average person a real chance.


  3. profile image47
    shiftyoneposted 7 years ago

    They know how to market themselves and they know how to sell themselves... that's the difference.

  4. Joyce Penner profile image56
    Joyce Pennerposted 7 years ago

    They are taking action - massive action !   They are heavy hitters only because of that and not because they have a lucky horse shoe or more connections or more money.

    They are simply doing the activities that 97% of the people are not doing.

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    Andrea Brownsposted 4 years ago

    Top 3% know MLM companies:

    -  require endurance and being persistence.

    - need to be willing to learn. ( learn from who ever inspires you not just the person who showed you the business)

    - give life-skills

    - has multiple ways of income, so do not just focus on one. ( you can earn more than your uplines in income if you put in the effort or have skill)

    - gives you control ( you are your own boss, but do not take it lightly, always be willing to prove yourself to you)

    - It is all down to attitude and being willing to make a commitment ( many successful people out there in their peak of success had to make sacrifice.)

    - see recruitment as franchising and growth into a new market to sell products. ( eg, tescos started as one shop that was successful, then after they opened up multiple shops which expanded income).

    - You need to develop a strong mindset

    - need to be pushed by either circumstances or dreams to reach goals.

    97% of industry:

    -  maybe not able to make the commitment.

    - Thought it was going to be too easy

    - Joined without considering what the products company offers, hence was not passionate about it.

    - ideally the MLM company that will suit you is not the one that all your friends are  joining but the one that you yourself would naturally buy. eg selling weight loss products that you yourself have not tried or would not be looking to use in future, would be harder for you to promote or sell.

    - Gave up because someone told them it was a pyramid scheme and either believed them or got tired of explaining the difference.

    - Only goal was to make money ( fair play, but that's not enough to fuel an individual alone).

    - Perhaps have a restrictive medical problem

    - only focus on recruiting instead of customers.

    - become lazy or bored.

    Overall Work ethic beats all,  You do not have to be world known to be in the 3% or a first class student, if you are truly open for development you should be fine. An upline can act as mentor but its your choice if you listen to them also, they do not have to help you but a good one would so just remember that. Take control of your own business do not rely on anyone, I think that perhaps that this is the bit people find hard to come to terms with hence why 3% earn big money.