how do u bid on a office clean per sq ft? how do you know what price to charge?

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    Melonys41posted 8 years ago

    how do u bid on a office clean per sq ft? how do you know what price to charge?

    I'm expanding my co. from just apartment move in & out cleans to office cleans & new home. How do you know what price to charge per sq. ft. between the two jobs?

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    jay21posted 7 years ago

    go online or call a business roughly your size and ask for a quote, It's as simple as that.I do advise you to check companies in your general area, so you don't over or under bid.

    hope i was some help

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    alphacleaningposted 7 years ago

    It always depends on the size of the building, type of the building and type of cleaning services that are provided. If in the beginning it is difficult to know what to charge per sq.ft. So my advice to you is think how much time you need to clean the building. Let's say you have to clean 10000 sq ft office on yourself and you need to clean it 5 days per week. And based on your experience you know that you need 5 hours every night in order to clean it. Also you know that you charge your clients let's say 17 $ per hour.

    Simple calculations show:
    17 $ per hour x 5 hour per night = $ 85 (that's how much you charge for cleaning per night)

    You have to clean it 5 nights per week, so to know monthly cost you calculate:
    $ 85 per night x 5 days per week x 52 weeks per year / 12 month per year = $ 1841.67 per month

    Now it's easy, just take your monthly cost and divide it by 10000 sq ft :
    $ 1841.67 / 10000 sq ft = 0.18

    In this case you charge 18 cents per sq. ft.

    In future you can do the same math for other buildings you clean and you will come up with average number

    Remember, the bigger the building, the smaller the number and wise versa.

    Also difficulty matters a lot.

    Hope this helps,