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    Saddle bags are a great addition to your saddle. From its original leather material, saddle bags are now made out of synthetic material. There are different kinds of Saddle bags that can fit your needs.

    An important part of the equine track, since the first saddle was invented, is a saddle bag. It is a great addition to your saddle. Since there are things that a person likes to carry with him, saddle bags are good for:
    • water bottles
    • rain coat
    • cell phones and others

    Saddle bags are originally made from leather. At current, equine saddle bags are made out of synthetic material. Examples of these synthetic materials include:
    • Cordura Nylon
    • Canvas
    Basically leather saddle bags of three types which are discussed below
    Horse riding saddle bags

    In horse riding saddlebags sit in various positions, on the side, in front or behind the saddle. They attach to the saddle's girth and to the saddle itself by straps and ties. They can be made from various materials, although leather was the traditional material it is heavier and requires more maintenance than many modern versions. Saddlebags are one of three types: Pommel bags (which sit in front of the saddle), regular saddlebags (which sit behind it), and pannier style bags (that can be fitted over a saddle that is not being ridden in).

    Cycling saddle bags

    Medium size seat bag mounted to road saddle

    Illustration of medium size seat bag maximum capacity

    Bicycle saddlebag, medium size of the larger type, attached to back of saddle, and supported underneath by steel rod frame which is attached to saddle rails
    In cycling, a saddlebag or seat bag is a bag attached under the saddle. Smaller ones are typically used to hold a few items such as spare inner tubes, puncture repair kit, tools, waterproofs, food, first-aid kit etc. Seat bags are common on touring bicycles, racing bicycles, and cross country mountain bikes.
    Bags range from tiny to large (over 25 liters). Smaller bags, known as seat bags, wedge packs, or seat packs fit completely under the saddle. Larger bags which project behind and sideways are usually called saddlebags; a well-known example is the Carradice Long Flap, for many years a staple of British cycle tourists especially on the weekends. some prefer saddlebags to panniers because they are more aerodynamic; advocates of the pannier, on the other hand, point to the lower centre of gravity, which improves balance.
    Recumbent bicycles have much larger seats than the saddle of a conventional bicycle, and special bags are available which attach to the seat; these are also called seat bags but are typically the size of small touring panniers.
    Motorcycle Saddlebags
    On a motorcycle saddlebags or panniers are mounted behind the seat and on either side of the rear wheel. Amongst many popular bikes and styles, Honda and Harley Davidson have branded and paved there way into the cruiser market. Saddlebags come in different shapes and sizes and are used as luggage or a container to carry around items. It is also a style or status symbol within the biker community, picking leather saddlebags] showing high class.

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