How does network marketing works?

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  1. Princessa profile image87
    Princessaposted 8 years ago

    How does network marketing works?

  2. Multiflavour profile image61
    Multiflavourposted 8 years ago

    Network marketing or MLM (Multilevel Marketing) basically works like this:

    You sign up for a program with a company. The company has a product. You make money every time you sell that program. But also make money when you recruit (or sponsor in jargon)  people to sign up for the program and sell. So when they sign up for the program you make money and when they sell products you make money. And this continues.

    Some companies instead allow to make money by just referring other people to the business. When they join you start building your matrix. As more people join in under you, you start earning income.

    So you have the downline of people that are selling for you and you make money for your sales and your team sales since you climb a matrix.

    However, be careful. If the company does not have a clear product to sell leave it because it is just a pyramid scheme.

  3. rameezrana86 profile image38
    rameezrana86posted 8 years ago

    As you continue to build your network marketing business, you are going to have 95-99% of people who will not wish to join you. They would not be interested as they would probably be looking for something else to match their needs.

    So, if you don't have a way to profit off those people who don't want to join you, then that means you will be missing out on a massive income opportunity. In addition, you will be setting your business up for failure.

    One of the reasons why many network marketing businesses fail is that they don't generate sufficient funds to sustain themselves. In essence, their advertising and overhead costs exceed the profits that they are making.

    This is a common problem in the industry - it takes money to run a network marketing business and many marketers don't have it! However, there is a strategy that all smart marketers use to generate cashflow upfront and keep their businesses afloat.

    It is called a Funded Proposal. It's rather a fancy term with a simple meaning...

    A funded proposal ensures that you do not spend yourself out of business because it provides you with a way to cover your business costs from the onset - very smart! This is achieved by promoting inexpensive products that all network marketers need and can use to run their businesses online. These are commonly known as affiliate products.

    The smart thing about a funded proposal, is that it requires very little effort - you can use it on complete autopilot. You can put banners on your blog or websites and add links in your auto responders as well as articles and broadcasts about new products that will help your prospects to build profitable network marketing businesses. That easy!

    The other thing is that right from the onset, you will have the opportunity to generate affiliate commissions that you can use to fund the advertising and operating costs for your business. And the income that you generate from your primary business, it's your profit - it goes straight to your bank account to fund your lifestyle!

    This is how leads pay for themselves and how they pay you, the network marketer to prospect them!

    If you choose not to use this smart strategy, then you are going to go broke before you achieve any success with your network marketing business.

  4. krishubpages123 profile image32
    krishubpages123posted 8 years ago

    I had good experience with them, if you go to malls, some people approach you stating that you want to have side income or increase your income  etc, and get your numbers, then call you and fix up an appointment for detailed session how you can achieve your dreams by selling their products and joining the people in their business, that is in your business after you joined, they will say legs, uplines, downlines etc., IBO , independent Business owner etc, that mean you are part owner for their products to sell it. person who sponsor you is your upline, you are sponsoring somebody under you, then they are your downline etc., they different identification or awards for their earning and selling business, like silver, platinum, diamond, crown etc., you can visit the sites like britt world wide understand more, but its very hard to sell their products where people already knew about the products..for some people it is easy, for me it was difficult and got quit from them, and withdrawn IBO with them...that means if you do not pay them yearly membership fee, then you are taken out from their business...


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