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As a SEO what are things i want to learn? i am very new to the SEO

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    muthusamiposted 7 years ago

    As a SEO what are things i want to learn? i am very new to the SEO

    At the beginning stage of SEO, what i need to do?

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    BaliMermaidposted 7 years ago

    If a friend was asking me this question my answer would be the following.

    Decide from the start that you will take your time and learn how to do things properly. 

    Avoid black hat, improper or even illegal, SEO procedures.

    Read at least two How to SEO posts from other Hubbers a week. Try their ideas and keep the ones that work for you.

    Understand that the most important thing in SEO is anchoring your keywords to the content of your Hub or article, or even the bookmark you are hoping to make revenue sharing income. 

    Anchor the keywords for your article by making sure three or four, space permitting, keywords highly relevant to your article are in three places at least. The URL for the article, the Title for your article and in the first sentence of the article.

    Before making the URL, Title or first sentence to each article do some keyword research. There are many ways to do keyword research. I prefer Google's free Ad-word, keyword tool.

    Do the things mentioned here above and you are on your way to a good start. But realize there is still even more to learn.

    Also understand that success making money on the internet is a moving target as the search engine companies change their algorithms when ever they want.

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    Rick49posted 7 years ago

    Hi muthusami. There are a few things to get some training on. Without any one of these it wont work to its full potential...
    1. Find the right domain or website address. Could be "your name".com.

    2.Set up a Wordpress blog. It's specifically designed for the search engines. It's indexed easily by Google and pinged every time you create a new post.

    3. Besides having your RSS feed sent out on Wordpress you can set up your social site accounts and link to feed your posts out to them. You can also create an Onlywire account and it can submit to tons of different sites.

    4. Do manual submissions for your articles to Ezine Articles, linkedin, Hubpages, Squidoo and Betternetworker.

    5. Use Article Submitter if you can and it submits your posts to over 300 directories.

    6. Find some good training on Keyword Research. You need to know what people are searching for and how many people are searching for it to see if it's worth optimizing your page to get those searches.

    This gets you to zero in on targeted prospects for your post as long as the post is relates to your keywords. This is important to have a good prospect to customer conversion. You can use Rank Tracker to track your URLs and see how you rank for those keywords.

    7. Use Video Marketing sites to share your value to others. You can give hands on training on things people want to do using the computer.

    8. Join a Mastermind team that has experts in SEO that share expert advice on everything SEO for free.

    I hope this helps muthusami and good luck!

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    dedicatedservers1posted 7 years ago

    1.Make sure that your keyword appears in the HTML title tag of the page you’re trying to optimize.

    2.Use the keyword towards the top of the page in a bold (or large)

    3.Use the keyword within the text of the page

    4.Use at least 300 words of total text on the page

    5.Use the keyword in a link that points to another related page.

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    jimmyc85posted 7 years ago

    The best thing to remember is:

    "How can I make this website as good for the users as possible"

    Once you remember that, most SEO will fall into place. You have to be fairly blatant as well at times. It might be obvious that you're website is about dating, for instance, but you need to spell that out too through titling and keyword placement in text.

    Also, think hard about linking and where you can get external links from. You need to get as many as possible from as many sources as possible - the best way to do this, quite simply, is to make a great product. Amazon didn't become the world's biggest book seller through just great SEO, they did it through creating the best online experience for selling books.