marketing strategies of apple?

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    katerina715posted 7 years ago

    marketing strategies of apple?

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    MrMarketingposted 7 years ago

    Hi Katrina: ( Sorry for the long delay in responding!)

    I'm not really sure I totally understand your question.

    !.) Are you asking if Apple invented the the 'upselling' concept?

    2.) Or B are you asking me if I personally got the concept of 'upselling'  or any of my marketing proven strategies from the  Apple organization?

    A. If so, the short answer on both counts is no.

    As I referenced in the hub, MCDonalds really popularized this straight forward low cost money making concept and they were around long before Steve Jobs & the Apple corporation, right?

    MCDonalds was first established  in 1955 and Apple wasn't officially formed until April 1976 in Cupertino, Ca. and incorporated the following January of 1977.

    In any event, the concept of 'upselling'  and by the way, there are many other names for this incredibly powerful, proven low cost money making concept.

    And  sense MCDonalds which was established (21 years before Apple) didn't invent the concept and  I've never personally  had any invovlement with the Apple corporation whatsover.

    I'm not totally sure what you're asking in regards to your question?

    In any event, a gazillion companies large & small (mine included) successfully use 'upselling' in many forms on a daily basis.

    And hopefully (if you're) in business you are too. If not you're easily leaving an extra 10-40% of your long term profits on the table.

    And that would be a shame. If this doesn't  totally answer your question. I aplogize. But get back to me & be a little more specific & I'll try and be as clear as I can.

    Thanks for your question though! See you at the Top!

    Mr. Marketing