where can i sell my leads

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    Kelly Vin Waskeeposted 7 years ago

    where can i sell my leads

    I have leads that coming to email everyday from my several websites. I would like to know where can I sell my lead to and how much should i sell it for?

  2. iain-mars profile image47
    iain-marsposted 6 years ago

    Lots of marketing companies are buying leads and selling them on to other businesses but you will need to make sure the leads comply with the CAN SPAM Act and they have opted in to receive emails. Most companies will only be prepared to buy a certain amount from you first time around.

    The price that you will be offered will vary greatly, depending on who you sell to and how many leads you are selling.

    Choose a company that are from the same country as your leads and compare the prices that the companies will sell them on for.