Is calling me out of my name harassment in the workplace?

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    kcshephardposted 7 years ago

    Is calling me out of my name harassment in the workplace?

    I work at a hospital, I am in Housekeeping and I been here about a 1 1/2 and I just moved to...another building. I have been working with ,my new supervisor for about 2 months. My name is Kristie Shephard. He keeps calling me Kristin and everytime I tell him that is not my name he laughs in my face like it is not important. I feel harassed and i hate coming to work. I think he is picking on me . Would that be harassment in  the state of Ohio. My email is Thank You

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    CDL Career Coachposted 7 years ago

    If it makes you harder to get the job done, then it's probably harassment.  If he won't listen when you ask him to stop, then talk to his boss and explain how it makes it harder to be motivated, come to work, and do your job.  He probably thinks he's flirting, and may not have enough respect for you to listen, but if his boss explains to him his actions are harassment then he will probably listen and change.  If not, the fact you reported it to his supervisor gives you a stronger case in court.