Selling articles to Constant Comment

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    Crophuggerposted 7 years ago

    Selling articles to Constant Comment

    If you have an article published on Hubpages do you have to unpublish or remove it from Hubpages before selling to Constant comment?

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    BenjaminBposted 7 years ago

    Crophugger I see nothing in the Hubpages rule that says you are not allowed to use your work elsewhere and here is what Constant Content has to say in their FAQ.

    I submitted an article to sell for usage rights only. My articles was rejected for originality, but I am the original author of the content.

    We can only accept articles that are able to be verified as original to the author. If you choose to submit content published elsewhere by you, please submit articles that are clearly credited to you with your name or the pen name you use on Constant Content. Articles that cannot be verified as original to the author cannot be accepted. If there is no name on the original publication, if the article is credited with a name that does not match your given or chosen name, or if the author's name is not easily located on the page of original publication, the article will be rejected. Do not include location of previous publication anywhere in your submission. Please note: When you submit an article that has been published elsewhere, you may ask usage rights ONLY for the article.