Has anyone ever purchased advertising on Facebook?

  1. PDXBuys profile image75
    PDXBuysposted 7 years ago

    Has anyone ever purchased advertising on Facebook?

    I created a test ad on Facebook and it said I would be charged anywhere from on $1.00 to $1.45 per click.  I did not submit the ad because I have no way of knowing how much the ad would cost me (for a one week campaign, for example).  Has anyone out there actually purchased advertising on Facebook?  What were the results?  How much did it cost?

  2. Masata profile image76
    Masataposted 7 years ago

    yes they have there are plenty of people on facebook that pay for advertisement. The price varies and i don't think it is worth it because it can be very costly and the results are not that great for there is not many places your ad will show and most people never pay any attention to the ads on the right side of the home page. So I wouldn't advise it. If you would like to advertise use google adword or bidvertiser it is free to sign up for both of them and they give you a general idea of how much you would have to pay for your ads. In fact they give you more control over your ads then facebook does you can also check out my site at http://masata.info if you want to advertise there is a lot of space there. Thanks for asking and I hope I answered your question

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    Andrew0208posted 7 years ago

    Facebook Ads work pretty well considering the huge targeted traffic and could also put holes in anyone's pocket if not driven with caution and proven techniques likewise any other Pay Per Click advertising.

    In Facebook advertising, you need to bring your ad bidding low and save money by targeting and narrowing your ad bidding on Interests, age, and likes. Target people with similar likes and interests in your niche. Avoid targeting broadly or by it's default that normally shows you huge number of people(audience) in millions you may be reaching.

    The more you narrow your ad targeting even to about 20,000 to 50,000 audience the better targeted results you'll get with low bidding less than $1 depending on your Niche keywords. Then tweak and test between CPM and PPC or use both campaign. Put track to your ads to know how far well they're doing. It's amazing how putting this to work will save you lots of money with great results. http://hubpages.com/hub/Facebook-Advertising-Tips