Hi, I'm getting lots and lots of hits on my hubs, so I'm very grateful. Thank Y

  1. SeanIanMacDonald profile image58
    SeanIanMacDonaldposted 7 years ago

    Hi, I'm getting lots and lots of hits on
    my hubs, so I'm very grateful. Thank You fellow hub...

    lovers, but I also have an
    adsense account its bin running for
    at lest 10 days now, yet I still haven't
    made a cent! Is this right?
    Or is do you think there is a
    problem? If so...what do you
    think would be my next step??
    If you think you can help me,
    please respond back!

    Thank You, Sean M


  2. Masata profile image75
    Masataposted 7 years ago

    Okay adsense is a work in progress you might be getting a lot of hits to your hubs but you have to make sure of two thinks that you add your adsense pub id to hubpages so that adsense can track your clicks and you have to wait it out. The money will come trust me. You might have hits like crazy but that don't mean the ads are being clicked it just means you have page views and people see your articles. Hell there is no real way of telling if they are even reading your articles but in time you will see your earnings start to go up. Continue to write and advertise your hubs and it will happen it is not an overnight process. I have read a few hubs where it took a little over a year for them to see the kind of income they wanted but it will happen. You just have to be patient and continue writing. The more hubs you right the better chance you have also you might want to submit some of your articles in free traffic system. You will want to spin them first. I hope this answered your question and please read my hubs and continue to write. Thanks for asking good luck