Is a hub the best place for me to blog?

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    sailboatposted 7 years ago

    Is a hub the best place for me to blog?

    Hey gullfraz, I have a question about blogs. Is my hub a blog?
    when my daughter and I set it up that was what we thought we were doing. but it seems that maybe it is not really what we were trying todo. What do you think? If we need a different site, can we take the name 'popcicles,pens and pencil skirts' with us? Or is it one of those things on the net tht can only be used once?
    This is all really above my paygrade as a house wife so I appreciate any time you could give me trying to find my way.

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    Patronusposted 7 years ago

    No hubpages is not a blog .

    this link might be helpful .

    Learning center is also a great hubpage learning resource .

    A Hub is a rich web page or article that you write and design on a single, fairly specific topic (like How to teach a child to ride a bike or Snickerdoodle recipe). You can write as many Hubs as you like, each on a different topic. You have the capability to add text, pictures, videos, maps, polls, quizzes, links and more in your Hubs.

    if possible do not post content of any of your hub including "popcicles,pens and pencil skirts" on other websites.