Workplace bullying....what can I do?

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    angel303231posted 6 years ago

    Workplace bullying....what can I do?

    Hello, I am dealing with a person at work that likes to berate and treat people like he's better than him.  I am a single woman and cannot afford to lose my job without losing everything I have including my apartment my two beautiful dogs and my cat. This problem has been brought to the owners attention more than once and just recently in last week and he seems to agree with the person who is doing the bullying.  He doesn't seem to care what the rest of us are dealing with as a result of this one person.  I believe this is because they are close friends that have been working together for a lo

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    nightwork4posted 6 years ago

    look for a lawyer that loves lawsuit. these kinds of lawyer would take the company to court and collect from the amount you sue for. other then that you could wait till after work and confront the guy, with a witness hiding close by and record what the person says then bring it to the labor board.

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    theseusposted 6 years ago

    Stand your ground. Bullies thrive only in places where people allow them to thrive. If this bully sees that you are not at all affected by his mean behavior, he will, hopefully have a change of heart.