Google how manage page rank Algorithm?

  1. jack002 profile image55
    jack002posted 7 years ago

    Google how manage page rank Algorithm?

    I want Know how google manage pagerank For website, When gives pagerank to each Pages.

  2. aheil profile image62
    aheilposted 7 years ago

    Alexa rank, and backlinks really. Also age of the site has something to do with it. I own a PR1 site but its been up for a year and has over 1000 backlinks. It's Alexa rank is 5.8 million which I don't think is very good.

  3. muratos profile image60
    muratosposted 7 years ago

    The quantity, quality of backlinks and the originality, length of the webpage, the neighbourhood to other good sites or pages, internal linking and the website home page PR affects the overall PR. No one knows the exact algorithms (except Google) and these are just guidelines. It is also possible that their databases maintain endless list of exceptions and out-of-algorithm fine tunings.

    I had a few PR 5 pages and websites time to time, losing and gaining again by time.