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How do you increase your page rank in google ie SEO?

  1. Carlos Santo profile image52
    Carlos Santoposted 8 years ago

    I have just started a website and am wandering how I increase its rank in google. No doubt it will take a couple of days most likely to register with google but after that what happens? For instance if i post the link <no links please> for example on other websites will that increase that sites rank in google?

    If not, how do websites increase in ranks?

    Thanks for your help.

    1. charlemont profile image80
      charlemontposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      It seems to me you're mixing 2 types of "rank". In brief, there's Page Rank - a Google way to show the importance of websites. PR goes from 0 to 10. Well, 0 actually means no PR big_smile
      And there's ranking = position of a website in Google listing. For example, if you type in Google "how to install Windows XP SP3" the first website listed will be support.microsoft.com
      This is natural because Microsoft knows about Windows more than anyone else big_smile
      In my opinion, PR is less important than ranking in listings. The higher your website is placed in listing, the more visitors you get. Traffic coming from search engines (called "organic traffic") means a lot in the area of Internet Marketing big_smile
      To get a higher placement, you need to do some optimization steps, e.g. writing unique content, getting inbound backlinks (like in the example you gave above). Just make sure the links are "dofollow", and not "nofollow". In general, the more inbound links you get, the higher your website is listed.
      Quality backlinks will help your website move higher at a faster pace.

    2. Jenny Cakes profile image56
      Jenny Cakesposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Im sure this has been emphasized above, but here is what I have learned...

      > Keyword Density is important (how many keywords in on your page)
      > Relevant keywords and relevant content (keywords will only convert if there is enough traffic yes, but also if your content is relevant to the reader)
      > Content like hubs, blogs, squidoo lenses, usfreeads all will help your sites get indexed.
      > Page Ranking is derivative of how important your site is in the eyes of the search engine. Spreading your links on the above sites (that already have high page rank) will help yours do so as well.
      > If you have trouble getting indexed, pinging helps this.
      > Socialbookmarking works for many people (Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious)

      I hope that helps.  Also, if you are on a blog not a site, make sure you keep the content fresh each day.

      Goodluck smile

  2. Rynaldos profile image78
    Rynaldosposted 8 years ago

    My opinion: backlinks, press release and forum posting.

  3. profile image47
    chucklinartposted 8 years ago

    Create great content and a pleasant user experience.  Google will find you and reward you for both of the above.  It takes time, and it's getting much harder to "game" the search engines.  Just focus on the quality of your site.

    1. viryabo profile image87
      viryaboposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Great advice. Welcome to HubPages Chucklinart.

  4. Direct Response profile image60
    Direct Responseposted 8 years ago

    Hi Carlos Santo

    This is my specialty and I must say that backlinks are slowly losing their power. I say this because we have managed to place a number of websites in front of other sites that have been there for years and have hundreds and thousands of backlinks and with only 3 or so we have beaten them.

    With the new search engine (from Google) arriving soon there is a lot of importance placed on "Relevant Content".

    To have relevant content you must have continuity in the following aspects of your website.

    Your main keyword phrase should be in:

    - Your domain name, does help but not a must,
    - Your Description,
    - Your Keywords, as the first one,
    - Your Headings, within the site (h1, h2, or h3)
    - Your normal text (remember to stay UNDER 6% so you do not get flagged as SPAM)
    - Also good to use the keyword in your "Alt=" tag for images, if you have some.

    This will assist you in getting to the first page in Google Search results, as it shows them that you have continuity and relevancy.

    Please remember that your Ultimate Goal is to provide Good information to your readers and Google rewards that.

    A quick hint for you: -
    It is normally faster to get your page up there if you use a NICHE keyword phrase not a wide one (health and beauty products mall is tight not like health, which is too open).

    Meaning if you have stats that people are searching for health and beauty products mall and you use that in your domain name (if available) and use "Health and Beauty Products" in the sections stated above you will be well on your way to hitting the first page FAST.

    1. Elyot profile image54
      Elyotposted 8 years agoin reply to this
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      abrogersposted 8 years agoin reply to this


      I am working as a content writer and learning about SEO to market the services of the company I am working with.  I have recently written web content, keywords, description, and title for a website page, which is http://empire-elements.co.uk so that it can get a good page rank, which is currently 0.  Can anyone please tell me as to how much time is it going to take for it to hit a page rank of 1 to begin with and what else do I need to do to get that page a higher listing.

      I would appreciate a reply to understand things better.


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        abrogersposted 8 years agoin reply to this
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        abrogersposted 8 years agoin reply to this
  5. Elyot profile image54
    Elyotposted 8 years ago

    Great Man. thank you so much. your post best way.

  6. gamerjon profile image54
    gamerjonposted 8 years ago

    I think backlinks still play a part in giving you good organic ranking as long as you get backlinks from relevant websites.

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    annalaurabrownposted 8 years ago

    You are on one of the best webpages for getting backlinks now, Hubpages. Also you can use blogger blogs, wordpress blogs, Squidoo lenses and article marketing.

  8. Rehma Jamshed profile image59
    Rehma Jamshedposted 8 years ago

    That's alot of help DirectResponse!

  9. i_am_Legend profile image57
    i_am_Legendposted 8 years ago

    i think you should read this---http://hubpages.com/hub/Guru1

  10. makemoneyinternet profile image57
    makemoneyinternetposted 8 years ago

    No amount of backlinks can beat proper keyword usage. That means using your keywords in your Domain name, using them in heading tags, and especially using them in the actual names of your pages. But keywords alone with not work if you do not write quality relevant content.

    These Web 2.0 sites are quickly losing their backlink power anyway as many people with websites are using sites like Huppages and Squidoo strictly to create backlinks to their real site. Not that they don't still work, I use them myself, but long term your actual web content will win.

    Article marketing still works, even though it is super saturated, I believe in part because Google knows the larger article marketing sites still review articles by hand before posting.

    I recommend you find a good course on getting free traffic on Google using traditional SEO. Funny thing about courses like that. I sit on page one of Google for the phrase "Actual Product  Name Withheld" Review by using the exact principles taught in that course. Isn't that funny. And I did it with no backlinks.

    1. Jenny Cakes profile image56
      Jenny Cakesposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I forgot to emphasize this.  This increases relevancy and ranking. Like MMI explains above.

  11. advernation profile image56
    advernationposted 8 years ago

    its not all about back links , but...a link on a high page rank related site, that doesn't have many outgoing links, there boom i said it, yes i did....you can have 1,000 pr0 backlinks and still have a pr0 site, you can have 1 pr5 backlink with nothing else and be a pr4 site....

  12. prosearchplus profile image55
    prosearchplusposted 8 years ago

    I have around 16 hubs with the info you are looking for. Check out all of them to get you started. If you need more info then give me a call by going through any one of my links. I do this for a living.

  13. habee profile image93
    habeeposted 8 years ago

    Wow! Good info on this forum. Thanks!

  14. bpo-outsourcing profile image53
    bpo-outsourcingposted 8 years ago

    Hi everyone,

    A lot has already been mentioned here, but in my experience, these are the most effective: right keywords, metatags, article submission, social bookmarking, blog commenting and forum posting.wink