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What is the best business to run?

  1. akuigla profile image60
    akuiglaposted 7 years ago

    What is the best business to run?

  2. MakeEasyCash profile image72
    MakeEasyCashposted 7 years ago

    The best business to run is something that involves your passion. If you are involved in a career that is your passion you will thrive smile and enjoy life.

  3. joshhunt83 profile image61
    joshhunt83posted 7 years ago

    I would say anything in an emerging industry. If you're making a sound return in green energy right now you're in the perfect position for when the renewable energy boom hits.

  4. wealthseeker profile image60
    wealthseekerposted 7 years ago

    Personally speaking, best business is business you know something about, passionate about, and can make money from it ethically would be the best.

  5. nightwork4 profile image61
    nightwork4posted 7 years ago

    no such thing. every business is the best and the worst, it just depends on you.

  6. umairraja51 profile image60
    umairraja51posted 7 years ago

    If you have a good computer based internet knowledge then you can do online business as well, to sell your services or products, online marketing company etc.

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  7. beckhamdavid profile image56
    beckhamdavidposted 6 years ago

    I thing business of renewable energy is the best because in future it is more demanding.For more detail on renewable energy please visit- http://www.solawise.co.uk/