Can I take agriculture as my main earning activity

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    satnamsinghposted 7 years ago

    Can I take agriculture as my main earning activity

    hi, I am from india and I am looking forward to take agriculture seriously as my income generating activity.would you please guide me about the variety of crops that I should grow on almost 25 acres of land which I  am planning to take on lease,also I want to export the products rather than selling in our local market.

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    mistyhorizon2003posted 7 years ago

    I would love to be able to help you on this satnamsingh, but this is not a question I am qualified to answer, mainly because I am not familiar with your climate, soil type, seasons, rainfall, crop prices etc. I have never grown such a large area as 25 acres, and therefore feel you might be best hoping someone familiar with all of these factors in your country, steps forward to answer this question instead.

    I wish you luck smile