The dilemma of the inexperienced jobseeker.

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  1. PK2010 profile image76
    PK2010posted 7 years ago

    The dilemma of the inexperienced jobseeker.

    How will inexperienced jobseekers get a job and become experienced if  employers are constantly advertising job vacancies seeking experienced people only?

  2. Writer David profile image78
    Writer Davidposted 7 years ago

    It's the old axiom, "We want someone with 15 years experience who is 25 years old."  None of it makes sense.  In this circumstance, you have to really push your education on the job interviewer (assuming you are at least a college grad).  Make the job interviewer believe you can do the job with minimum OJT.  I have three hubs on the job interviewer if you are interested.   But, to your question, this is an age old complaint that will always be with job seekers.  You are not alone.  The thing is, don't give up.  Keep plugging away and someone, somewhere will take notice of you.  Good luck!

  3. profile image63
    Josh and Lindseyposted 7 years ago

    This is a difficult situation we faced with my husband.  Those who are really serious about finding a job will get creative and proactive.  Some possible options include:
    -Find volunteer or intern positions.  These don't pay (well, some internships might, but if you're asking them to create one for you, it probably won't), but they do provide valuable experience.

    -Network.  Join boards and organizations, volunteer/intern (see above), let family and friends and friends of friends and family know that you are looking.  The more people who know your skills and know you're interested in a job, the better your chances of hearing about leads.

    -Set up informational interviews.  Contact people in companies your interested in, even if they're not hiring.  See if they'd be willing to meet with you.  They can give valuable advice, and they will likely think of you if a position does open up

    --Take what you can get.  Don't hold out for the perfect job.  If you're unemployed, you can't afford to be picky or judgmental about jobs.  And you never know, the job you thought you'd hate might end up being the perfect job for you.  This happened to my husband; he took what he could get figuring that at least it was experience, and he absolutely loves the job

  4. Rusty C. Adore profile image92
    Rusty C. Adoreposted 7 years ago

    I went through this exact problem during my job hunt. Every place where I applied demanded experience that I didn't have but desperately wanted to obtain. I finally managed to land an interview and even though I didn't get the Full Time job that I applied for (because of the lack of experience) they offered me a freelance position with them! It's not the same amount of hours, pay, or prestige, but it is EXPERIENCE and they said that they are prepping me to take an open position the next time one becomes available and I am thrilled with taking it slow.

    I had to make this happen though with thank you notes following my interviews, phone calls checking in with the hiring manager, and E-mails months, and months later to get the ball rolling again. If you find that job that you just KNOW you can do then you have to go for it. You have the power to make it happen by being persistent (not annoyingly so, just enough to let them know that you're determined and eager to show them what you can do.) Never give up.


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