What's the craziest thing you ever said at a job interview and still got the job

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  1. cashmere profile image77
    cashmereposted 6 years ago

    What's the craziest thing you ever said at a job interview and still got the job?

    Interview skills are a much sought after commodity. Having trained students on what to say and how to say it right for nearly five years, I was wondering about the crazy answers that still come your way. In the real world do such crazy answers get you a job?

  2. point2make profile image79
    point2makeposted 6 years ago

    I once told an interviewer to stop reading from his prepared script and ask his own questions. I promised him, if he did, he would get a better understanding of my skills and a better idea of what I could bring to the company.  He took my advice and I was hired the same day.  Brilliant or crazy.....it's a fine line.

  3. mepperly profile image58
    mepperlyposted 6 years ago

    I had a broken foot, showed up in a slipper. It was a convenience store where I would be on my feet and pumping gas...got the job. LOL

  4. ladydeonne profile image72
    ladydeonneposted 6 years ago

    It's not the craziest thing I've said at a job interview but what i did.  I wore mix matched shoes.  The interviewer took me around to all of the various departments
    to introduce me to my soon to be co-workers.  When I sat in the reception area waiting to complete my paper work, I looked down at my feet and then I saw that I had on 2 different shoes, one navy blue and one black.  I asked the receptionist  who was my neighbor, if she noticed anything "off" about me.  She looked me up and down and said that she did not.  When I told her about my shoes, she and I had a good laugh. So what to say and what to wear are both important.

  5. Seek-n-Find profile image82
    Seek-n-Findposted 6 years ago

    After an interview for my first teaching position in which I answered many serious questions, the principal and teaching team (the teachers I would be working with) ended the interview by saying, "So--why should we hire you?"  I answered, "Well--you can see from my answers during this interview that I probably have many of the same skills and potential as other candidates.  What sets me apart?  I love chocolate and coffee and am fully prepared to be generous and share these things with my fellow teachers."  Yes, I got the job.  And yes, I brought coffee and chocolate to the teachers on my teaching team on a regular basis.  :-)  Good question!!!

  6. Savio Dawson profile image94
    Savio Dawsonposted 6 years ago

    During the course of the interview the interviewer asked me:

    "What is the guarantee that you would be with us after two years?"

    I know it sounded a little funny but then I said:

    "There is no guarantee but I can guarantee you one thing that you will do everything under the sun to retain me when I decide to go."

    I got the job.

  7. prettynutjob30 profile image91
    prettynutjob30posted 6 years ago

    When I was younger my dad made me get a job, I didn't want to work at the restaurant he took me to so I got an attitude with the manager, thinking he would get mad and tell me to go on my merry-way. I was shocked when he said he liked my spunky attitude and hired me on the spot. I was so mad my daddy thought it was funny though, looking back at it now so do I.

  8. Mazzy Bolero profile image73
    Mazzy Boleroposted 6 years ago

    When I was at college, a friend of mine was looking for work during the summer vacation. She and her sister were sent by the employment office to a cinema which was hiring ushers.  They were always hiring as the job was so boring and low-paid that no-one stayed.  They decided to make sure they didn't get the job.  They slumped on their chairs, yawned, looked at their fingernails, showed  no enthusiasm, and when the manager told them they would have to start work at 12.30 p.m. each day, my friend told him they rarely got up that early.  Obviously, he saw through it because he said, "O.K. - you can start tomorrow!"

  9. Lor's Stories profile image60
    Lor's Storiesposted 6 years ago

    Sure I can do book keeping!!!!!
    I got the job anyway.
    But I leave balancing the books to someone trained to do it.
    It drove me crazy.

  10. dorothy0328 profile image72
    dorothy0328posted 6 years ago

    Well I am going to be totally honest on this one. I worked for a carnival in my younger years and ran several carnival games. After applying for a job as a telemarketer (in which they wanted experience, I didn't have ) the question the hiring manager asked me what makes you think that you will be successful in phone sales? So I thought for a split second and I said to him "Well Will (his name) I'm going to be totally honest with you all though I may not have the experience in telesales you wanted and I cannot garentee to you that I will make the top sales I will tell you this if I can sell you a 3 cent finger trap in a carnival game for 10 dollars then I should be able to swing cheaper home phone service over the phone." He looked at me cracked a smile and a small laugh and said " Well I really like your answer so welcome to the team."

  11. ESPeck1919 profile image94
    ESPeck1919posted 6 years ago

    It wasn't really something I said, so much as the situation itself. I had been canvassing on foot for a job in the middle of summer, and entered a store to buy some water.

    I was sweaty, probably red in the face, exhausted and extremely disheveled, since it was the end of the day. I happened to ask if they were hiring, the manager got called over, and he hired me after talking with me for maybe five minutes.

  12. IDONO profile image77
    IDONOposted 6 years ago

    After a lengthy meeting with this owner, he proceeded to explain in detail the exact duties and expectations entailed in the position that I was interviewing for. When he was finished, I looked at him and told him that I didn't think I was the right man for the job. He looked back at me and said," Well, I've been doing this a long time and I think you are the right man." He hired me immediately. I've been there 11 years now.


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