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How do you get read so much?

  1. WhatBigJohnThinks profile image75
    WhatBigJohnThinksposted 6 years ago

    How do you get read so much?

  2. TheManWithNoPants profile image73
    TheManWithNoPantsposted 6 years ago

    John, I dunno.  I come from a different perspective, and I give it to em hard.  I guess they just like it.   The No Pants thing didn't hurt anything either. (laughing)  I'm a Internet retard, which counts against me. Treat you fans like gold and you're going to do very well too my friend.

  3. Wesman Todd Shaw profile image97
    Wesman Todd Shawposted 6 years ago

    I'm pushing towards one hundred thousand views here. . . .and that's nothing.  I want ten million at least.  So I don't much feel like anyone pays much attention to me - except the new hub moderator that looks as hard as is possible for some reason, any reason - to take my very best hubs out of circulation when they are new.

  4. profile image48
    Ratanakposted 6 years ago

    I signed up for this hub for nearly a year but I got nothing from it. I think that I am so poor at writing an article for the readers. However, right now I'm trying to stand it up again and I hope that my new article which is being administered by moderator would be good for the reader to encourage me to write more and more for your laugh and your smile.

  5. thooghun profile image80
    thooghunposted 6 years ago

    Write quality content, research your keywords and network/interact with online communities. Work on building a name for yourself so that you develop a fan base, and keep your ideas fresh and informative to cater to new audiences -- that's it folks.

    Oh, and a great deal of patience. I'm guessing 99% of people quit before the 1million views mark, but remember that growth is exponential on here! Getting to 1 million may take a year, but the next million will take a couple of months -- and so on.