Have you achieved your dream career? Or are you working just to make ends meet?

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    TKLMommyposted 6 years ago

    Have you achieved your dream career? Or are you working just to make ends meet?

    Many people graduate from high school with a career in mind that they want to achieve. Unfortunately, not everyone achieves it. They encounter obstacles that prevent them from achieving their dream career. For some, they are working a mediocre job just to make ends meet. As for me, I wanted to be a teacher, but I also wanted to be a mother. I wasn't able to get my teaching degree cause I couldn't afford college, so instead I achieved the other goal of becoming a mother. I am now a mother of 3 beautiful girls and I love it! I also get my fill of the teaching side by volunteering in their school

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    supplies expertposted 6 years ago

    Since I graduated high school only about 5 years ago, the answer is definitely no. But at the same time in high school it's so rare to know what your dream career is. I believe I wanted to be a Pilot. Well that hasn't worked to say the least, although I still dream that one day if I win the lottery I'll take lessons and have my own plane. But as college came about I wanted to be in sales, and I wanted to sell products in which I enjoyed myself, or the products helped other people.

    At the moment I am not doing that, but hopefully within the next few months I will be doing that, I have a few opportunities that would allow me to. But I guess what I am getting at is that everyone comes up with dream jobs and dream careers, but I believe along that path towards that dream you make new dreams and you make new goals for yourself which are more attainable and help you get towards that final dream or goal. Such as I think by the time I am around 50 I'll have money saved up so I can become a pilot, etc.

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    Dreama23posted 5 years ago

    My desired career was set from the time I was a freshman in high school. As my junior and senior years rolled around, I still firmly believed that I could be a writer. My second year of college tested my dreams and I almost studied to become a teacher because of pressure on finding a well-paying job immediately out of college. I began asking "what if?" during my semester as an Education major, however, and realized that if I did not return to English, I would regret it for the rest of my life.

    While it is nearly impossible to make a living as a writer unless you already have money and a great talent for not only writing, but finding publishers/agents, I am starting to accomplish my dream. It will continue to take a lot of work and perseverance, but with the right people providing support and a positive mind, I know I can achieve this career. In addition, English wasn't the only field I longed to study and I have the opportunity to achieve my second goal now.

    I do have a job that I need solely for financial purposes, but without it, I wouldn't have the means to look into accomplishing my goals and ending up with my dream career. Therefore, sometimes mediocre jobs are more valuable than we initially realize.