Pumbic speaking

  1. KMattox profile image60
    KMattoxposted 6 years ago

    Pumbic speaking

    If you had no voice but you had a public speaking engagement, would you postoine the event or would you keep the engagement?

  2. Tusitala Tom profile image61
    Tusitala Tomposted 6 years ago

    Depends how far ahead it is, and what you actually meant by 'no voice.'   If it were a case of lyringitis that might get better in a few days and the presentation was several weeks away, I wouldn't cancel.   

    However, if you saying that you cannot speak at all - and don't look like being able to because you are, to use the common expression, dumb and not able to speak ever, then you might need to run to one of those electronic gadgets which will allow you to present an automated voice such as the world-famous matthematician Stephen Hawkin uses.