Is a good site to bid and win latest gadgets?

  1. soni2006 profile image81
    soni2006posted 6 years ago

    Is a good site to bid and win latest gadgets?

    Most of the penny auction and bid and win sites are fraud and scams so can we trust this new site that has started in India and has proper customer care located in Mumbai?

  2. paulw33 profile image40
    paulw33posted 6 years ago

    These websites are ok they hype it up to sound very good but with so many bidders some times you end up spending more all auction sites where you got to buy bids to bid are all the same and if you bid 15 times on one item and lose then you lose 15 bids then take the rest of your bids and waste them on another auction you have to turn around and buy more bids so really there is only a limited amount of people that will get it for penny's it is really got to do with luck i think i  don't mess with these sites i did once i bought 30 bids on another site and tried it and lost i didn't bother buying no m ore and waste my money.