Google ad money guide

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    protqvnposted 9 years ago

    This is a program put banner ads for Google called Google Adsense. Said an understandable when you are accepted into this program, you will have to include the HTML code anywhere in your website. Every time visitors click on the banner of Google Adsense, you will receive a partial payment. No one knows Google Adsense and public funds will not earn as much. According to my experience, the amount earned depends on the quality of clicks that! example of the banner and then click the link to that site or that and interesting. He will stay there and look at one, the owner of the site seems to pay for that click more. Or simply a product by a company that ads pay more than other products only. But we shall each time someone click that you will receive money from Google Adsense.
    First you must create an account with Google Adsense already! Please click on this link:
    After you register Google Adsense account to check the content of your page views are eligible to participate in the program? criteria, the site must have content that really, no hack, crack, xxx and a few other things. If your site is located on the items I just said, please condolences. Otherwise please wait confidently about 2 days, Google Adsense will send a mail to you and accept you're at it can create income for yourself then.
    1. Report: A report daily, weekly, monthly ... with the money you earn.
    2. Ad Setting: The part that you set up banner ads to match with your page, the size of the banner, the color of the banner and get the HTML code to insert into the line of your page.
    3. Search Settings: This section is to insert the search with Google and your site, you also receive money from this service.
    4. Account Information: Account information, including your address, to pay taxes, account ...
    5. Ad Performance: the "achievements" of the labor you put the banner on the site.
    6. Search Perfomance: like Performance Ads
    7. Payment History: The information about Google Adsense was calculated every month.
    Basically the world! If you have created the site and then, and again eligible to accept the Google Adsense, please allow me to ignore the instructions you get HTML code and insert into the page how nhé.
    If you are interested to learn new ones, you can spend a few hours to read Terms of Service, and FAQ section (using the Term of services and frequently asked questions) Google Adsense you will understand . But here I summarize a few main ideas for you than for reference
    1. Your page content must be true. Since the banner placed on your site depends on the content itself. Google Adsense is because search engines are a talented, but you and I who also admire. So do not bịp it! that do the actual page content.
    2. You should put the banner on the page have text, not to the pages with little text or image only.
    3. An unfortunate thing for us is not Google Adsense support Vietnamese. So sometimes it can not find the actual content on your page to make banner with the contents. So sometimes you see the banner BTD has not eaten anything in the content. And a few seats left whole and Muong Min. This is because when Google Adsense did not find the appropriate keywords in the content of the site will offer banner called Public Service Ads. With Public Service Ads banner is not money each time someone clicks on. Furthermore it is also a site losses of Vietnamese. Because the Google Adsense banner appears on the content on which it earns. But as Vietnamese should not support the Google Adsense banner but not really identify much with standard text on the page. We only have to wait but I know now!
    4. According to many documents that I read about Google AdSense is the top form as the forum, Portal content changes frequently, the Public Service Ads encounter rate is higher than the static content pages. Because Google Adsense need at least 1, 2 days to find the keywords for that page. That it is constantly changing so it also bundle hands.
    5. Absolutely do not click on the banner of your own! because of the click will be the situation is click "code" and of course you will not be money. Worse than that if this happened more than once will be deleted account and the amount you earn is always lost.
    6. If you have time to learn more about Google Adsense to optimize the ability to make money with your site. With tips that Google Adsense provides.
    Last but not least important is that you never try to bịp with Google Adsense software automatically clicks. Because Google Adsense smart enough to know that it is being lie and in which case the account will be permanently deleted and you never chance to participate in that program again.
    You never get money from Google Adsense and how to receive?
    Each time your total amount is $ 100, then Google Adsense will send you a check the address you registered with them. Google Adsense will send by mail to your home address.
    Okie! So I shared most of what I know about Google Adsense. Good luck with this wonderful program and earn money to cover the expenses required for your site.

  2. Uninvited Writer profile image82
    Uninvited Writerposted 9 years ago

    90% of Hubbers already belong to AdSense, if not, they know what it is.


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