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Question about Google Adsense and the Ad Code

  1. missa72542 profile image95
    missa72542posted 5 years ago

    Question about Google Adsense and the Ad Code

    I applied to Adsense when I created this hubpage profile and I was declined for not having enough content. So, I posted a couple more hubs, added more pictures, videos and resubmitted my application. Well then I got another email:

    "Welcome to Hubpages! We have completed a partial review of your application. "

    Then alittle further down it says:
    "* You must implement your ad code so we can complete the review process. For help implementing ad code on Google owned APIs (e.g., YouTube), visit:[link to youtube here]"

    So, what do I do about this Ad Code? I'd like my application to be approved.

  2. mmsu profile image72
    mmsuposted 5 years ago

    Just go to the heading my account.Then got to my earnings and when you will look on that page your google adsense will not be active.Click on the adsense thing and you'll get a option which will help you linking your hubpages account with google adsense.

  3. Diana Hernandez profile image65
    Diana Hernandezposted 5 years ago

    First of all, congratulations! I recently received the same email about a day ago, and the process was a little tricky. After I received the email, I signed onto my Google Adsense account, and began the process of exploring the site and creating an ad unit (which is all explained in great detail). I know google tells you that you have to insert the ad code they give you after making an ad unit into the html of your website or blog. Do not worry; through HubPages, that is done for you. Afterward, I signed onto my HubPages account and linked it to my Google Adsense account. This can be done by clicking on your username on the header above the page and then clicking on the "my account" tab. Afterward, click on "Earnings." This will show you your "External Affiliate Settings." There should be two programs there, Google Adsense and Amazon. Click on the "configure" button next to the program you want (in this case Google Adsense) and follow the instructions.  I did this all yesterday, and just today I received the email saying that I was completely approved. Hopefully, you get the same results. Best of luck!

    1. missa72542 profile image95
      missa72542posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you very much smile This helped me, all I really needed to do was to play around on the adsense site and make the ad unit. Then i was able to continue on here.

    2. Simon Lam profile image93
      Simon Lamposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I'm in a similar situation as Missa72542.  I've created an ad unit in Adsense.  I'm trying to link it to Hubpages.  However in the Configure (for Adsense) page of Hubpages it says I'm disapproved.  Did you get this?  Did this message disappear?