Anyone making good money out of only blog writing ?

  1. sen.sush23 profile image58
    sen.sush23posted 5 years ago

    Anyone making good money out of only blog writing ?

    I want to be a full time online writer working for myself. Is it possible? Is there anyone who earns more than 100 dollars per month from their own blog?

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    Weselionposted 5 years ago

    Yes you can make more than that if you are a good writer and have enough traffic to your site

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    jessicaseoposted 5 years ago


    I am not making currently but I used to and many of my friends too are making lots of money in-fact more than $100. But it requires patience and lots of marketing work first as your blog needs recognition first not among the search engines primarily but among the web users and readers. I saw your hubs and I am sure you have great writing skills as your hubs are inspiring too along with being informative. To earn money from your blog you need to have a blog in your target niche where you can contribute yourself effectively and grab readers attention as yours delivered information will mostly be to the point. Slowly by posting at least one blog regularly and market them through social media and bookmarking sites you will get followers which will turn in getting more and more followers. What you can do then, you can add a 'hire me' in the navigation along with your preferred content on the page and you need to start with a very small amount to get work. Though your blog posts's content and quality is giving readers and users a reason as to why they should hire you, you must also add something additional which my be sentences or anything in the hire me section so that they tend to contact you. Add you blog on sites like Zimbio and other sites which accepts blog feeds and syndicate them, it will help in getting targeted visitors. Try this out it's really great to have an own well recognized blog.

    However, you can use sites like Triond/Fiverr from where you can earn too for good and quality and from there too you could get opportunity to drag visitors to your blog and once everything will go in pace then just focus with your blog only.

    All the best!

    Jessica Williams