How do I link my Hubs to Google's Ad Sense to ensure I earn money on the ads I a

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    MIEBAKAGH FIBERESposted 5 years ago

    How do I link my Hubs to Google's Ad Sense to ensure I earn money on the ads I ask again.

    On the pulblishing of my first hub, I need time to study Google Ad Sense  as to avoid any mistake, So, when my second hub was published, I try to fill the form.  I click on the create account , seconds later the form disappeared. I tried to re -access it but to no avail- but Google is saying that I should give the last five fingers of my phone number  used to create the account, Perhaps, it is either Google or Hub Pages that remind me that I should have receive an e-mail to that effect and none has been delivered to me so far. I further made effort to create Ad Sense account; expecting answer.

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    orlandosharessatposted 5 years ago


    Before you can tie the two together you have to first have active accounts in both programs.  Google AdSense is the first and will take the longest amount of time to get setup so I would start there.  Go to Google and type in Adsense you should see a link to log into your Adsense account if one is not active or create choose to sign up. 

    You will be walked through the sign up process and will need to wait for Google to approve your account and send a confirmation email.  Once you have theat you can come back to Hubpages and from within your profile add your Google AdSense ID.  This will activate your Adsense Account in Hubpages and allow you to earn money from traffic to your hub pages.

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      blican468posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      How long will it take for them to approve us. Is there any other way to let the m know we are still waiting to connect our portals?