What is the most ridiculous reason your employer has given you for firing you fr

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    MatthewLeo1701posted 5 years ago

    What is the most ridiculous reason your employer has given you for firing you from your job?

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    brianc2kposted 5 years ago

    I was once told that my position was being phased out.  The problem is that I was the only one who had any computer network certification, experience or skills.  I was hired to set up a network with active backup between three different locations in three states.  Everything backed up into a central office and I was the only one who knew how to launch the backup sequence. 

    They didn't want any instructions or any procedure sheets left behind.  At the end of the day they just gave me two weeks pay and said my job was phased out.  Mid way through the third week they called me and asked how much I would charge to come in and teach someone the backup sequence.  They didn't hire anyone else they just pushed the tasks onto other people. 

    I told them I was not available and would be in in tomorrow to speak with the owner of the company.  He met me and I very professionally advised him to hire someone who had technical knowledge of networks/computers.  I pointed out that if the server and data were lost he would never be able to reconstruct it.  I told him I was not available but had written down some qualifications he should consider if he were to hire someone.  He thanked me and kept my sheet.  But he never interviewed anyone. 

    About six months later when the backup failed he could not recover files.  His son came in and started punching keys and trying to manipulate data but soon learned it was a lot different then working a spreadsheet with a word processor.  Didn't take long before he was running a close of business sale.  It is fortunate he did cause if the IRS called for an audit he could not produce any supporting documentation for them. 

    Ridiculous - phase out your network/computer administrators position without any individual lined up to take his place or someone to outsource those tasks to.