What is the Job Market like in Maine? What is the Top Industry to work in?

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    J.S.Matthewposted 6 years ago

    What is the Job Market like in Maine? What is the Top Industry to work in?

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    imonly1americanposted 6 years ago

    Thanks for the question, and sorry it's taken so long to respond.  The job market in Maine is steady right now.  Although there may not seem to be a lot of new jobs popping up, there really is, relative to our state's population.  Most of the employment that seems to be popping up is construction employment.  There are a lot of big commercial buildings being built, so companies are looking for bodies to fill the void and meet their deadlines.  I highly doubt Maine's economy will ever completely nose-dive, because regardless of the headlines about Maine being a 'welfare state' and full of 'lazy people', the exact opposite is true.  Maine has long been known for it's hard workers.  It wasn't too long ago, you could apply for a job out of state, and all the prospective employers would have to see is 'Maine' under the state, and you'd be hired.  While this doesn't hold true for all Mainers, I know it does for the majority, including myself.

    The top industry would also be the construction field, and in any sector of it.  Maine is good with managing infrastructure, and seem to always be hiring for road contruction, building construction, welders, and electricians.  I normally would reccommend the medical/mental health industries, but with the budget issues here in Maine in crisis, the State has cut a lot of jobs in the Department of Health and Human Services, directly affecting mental health workers.

    I also can't say the same for teaching positions, which has been on a steady decline since the state's attempt to consolidate schools.  The consolidations are causing teachers to lose their positions, and with an influx of people graduating with teaching degrees, the jobs are few and far between.

    I hope I answered your question.  Please feel free to send questions my way anytime about Maine, and our inner-workings!