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Domain name. Is it really important and does it help in SEO?

  1. nicregi profile image77
    nicregiposted 5 years ago

    Domain name. Is it really important and does it help in SEO?

    As said above, does domain name play a role in SEO? For example, if I am writing about dog food, will dogfoodtips.com help me in getting a better page rank and search results? Example of course smile

  2. ECPComputers profile image61
    ECPComputersposted 5 years ago

    Obviously Domain Names play an important role in SEO.  Any domain name with .edu .gov etc., will hold a higher page rank then it's .com counterparts.  Additionally .com or  .org is weighted higher than any other domain name extension. 

    When purchasing a domain and building a web site to be SEO Friendly, it is imperative that you have your main keyword in your domain name, page title, h1, etc.  You should attempt to drill down your web site in this way so that the main keyword is prominent over and over again - then support this with some good unique content that has a good kwd or keyword density.

    Also you should always purchase your domain for 3-5 years or more, Google believes this shows that you are not a fly by night operation.

    There is literally a 1000 little things like this that influence your overall page ranking.  So every little detail from the beginning should be considered in order to get a decent page ranking.


  3. profile image54
    Adam Dickerposted 5 years ago

    Yes, take it from a guy that owns over 40,000 domain names, The domain name does matter when it comes to SEO especially if you are trying to break into a niche that is highly competitive.  To learn all about buying, selling and building domains, check out dnforum.com.  It is by far the best resource on the net for domain newbies, domain investors or site builders.

  4. EZcommerceBiz profile image52
    EZcommerceBizposted 5 years ago

    A domain is important in SEO because if it relates to your keywords, you'll usually rank a lot quicker

  5. BusinessAdvisorUK profile image68
    BusinessAdvisorUKposted 5 years ago

    Yes is the simple answer. 

    Although Google have several times stated that they will be negating the value of exact match domain names this is not something that anyone one has seen the effect of.  Perhaps it is not as important as it once was but even if it wasn't any good in an SEO sense it would still be useful to visitors - easier to remember etc.

    As ECPComputers said below, there are many metrics which help decide your position in search engines for any given query, Google say that there are around 200 and exact match domain is just one of them. 

    I have personal experience of crap (If not exactly Spam) search results that, when they are analyzed, can only be attributed to the exact match domain.

    Hope That Helps

  6. serif profile image61
    serifposted 5 years ago

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